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Public Education Defender Award, 2014


I wipe my hands


The American Federation of Teachers, Local 2121 commissioned Book and Wheel to create an award  for  public figures who have worked to keep City College of San Francisco open. The College of 80,000  students has been threatened by a politically motivated closure.

The boxed award included 3 silkscreened linens: A hand towel with the message: “I wipe my hands of  the  foes of public education,” a pillowcase which read: “I dream big dreams of a whole, open, accessible  City  College. Then I wake up and fight for my dreams,” and a hankie with “I mop the sweat from my  brow as  we work together to keep City College accredited.” Tom Ammiano, California State  Assemblyman  declared it the best award he’d ever received! Awardees included: San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera, San Francisco Supervisor David Campos, Deputy City Attorney Sara Eisenberg and brave men and women in their offices.


Arete Libro: La Frontera, 2013

Arete Libro: La Frontera



 Arete Libro: La Frontera or Earring Book of the Border was made for La Frontera, an exhibition of 90  artists’ work about the US/Mexico Border. Arete Libro is a book distributed across a pair of earrings, a  wearable index of the U.S./Mexico Border with small pages made of recycled drum-head leather. The  San Patricio Battalion, coyotes and pollitos, Monarch butterflies, free to traverse the Americas and  cempasuchiles/marigolds, the flower of the dead on both sides, and Joaquín Torres García’s “Upside-  down Map” of the Americas, 1943, each fill one of the pages. La Frontera traveled to Museo Franz  Mayer, Mexico City; Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco and The Houston Center for Contemporary Craft.

Photo: Stanley Padilla, Models (goddaughters): Esmeralda Padilla and Amanda Padilla.