Arete Libro: La Frontera

Arete Libro: La Frontera

Opening Friday, August 16, 2013
Velvet da Vinci
2015 Polk St.
San Francisco, CA 94109
Exhibition runs August 14- September 15, 2013

For the exhibition, La Frontera, we made Arete Libro: La Frontera or Earring Book of the Border
A book distributed across two earrings, a wearable index of the U.S./Mexico Border with
small pages made of recycled drum-head leather. The San Patricio Battalion, coyotes and
pollitos, Monarch butterflies, free to traverse the Americas and cempasuchiles/marigolds,
the flower of the dead on both sides, and Joaquín Torres García’s “Upside-down Map
of the Americas, 1943, each fill one of the pages.

La Frontera debuted at Museo Franz Mayer in Mexico City,
June 6-July 28, 2013

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