Potrero Puzzler

Potrero Puzzler two sizesArt/Game to Check out from the Library

Right now, the Potrero Hill District in San Francisco is the site of more construction than any other neighborhood in the city.

We made the Potrero Puzzler so that friends, families, and especially neighbors could play, learn, and imagine the future of their neighborhood together.

It comes in 3 sizes — the size big is for 2 people to open and close. The Puzzler is a little about the past and a lot about the future — it asks what residents want for Potrero Hill. Playing games seems to allow people of all ages to relax and to let our imaginations loose. What would you like to see here on the Hill?

Portola Puzzler Choose a Number

The Potrero Puzzler was originally made for the exhibition from From Steel to Wheels: The Cor-O-Van Building’s Past, Present and Future curated by Ruth Miller at the Potrero Hill Library, spring 2013 for the exhibition artists focused on adaptive reuse of the Cor-O-Van building, once home to the Pacific Steel Mill, the biggest steel mill on the West Coast in the early 20th century.

Kaiser Permanente has purchased the site with plans to build a clinic, housing and parking. Talking to folks on the hill, we learned of ongoing plans for building on multiple sites—Rebuild Potrero to revitalize public housing on the hill, Pier 70 development and ongoing building in Mission Bay.

We also learned of the decades long struggle for health care on the hill and the desire of many in southeast San Francisco (Bayview, Portola and Visitacion Valley neighborhoods) to have a clinic in the Bayview. The Potrero Puzzler is a playful device for bringing those conversations together.

Potrero Puzzler open all the way
If you’re in the Bay Area, come by the Potrero Hill Library, you can check the Potrero Puzzler out just like a book with your library card.

Felix works the Potrero Puzzler medium size 2 Felix works the PP Erin and Kate with the 2 Person Potrero Puzzler
Audrey and Erik play 1 Audrey and Erik play

Portero Puzzler cuts over to a nearby neighborhood and makes an appearance at Portola Pop-Up Art Night
on San Bruno Avenue, at El Toro, home of Latin Rock.

Norma at El Toro Charles and the Potrero Puzzler
Norma Villazana-Price and Portola artist, Charles Dabo with the 2 person Potrero Puzzler opened flat.

Thanks to Sandy Spiker and Roel Vanbezoijen for the photographs.