5.5 Mile Road House

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The 5.5 Mile Road House

September 19, 2015: 5.5 Mile Road House was an afternoon ride on The Mexican bus–a wild, fun-filled day with artists’ games, prizes-some edible from Manila Market and some 3D icons from Porto-Lotería. And lots of talk about art/music/performing in southeast SF—fun–fantastic fun!:
It’s all about play and fun on board the bus. For this event, we filled the bus with great people interested in supporting and making music, art, poetry and performance in our part of the city. We began in McLaren Park and headed, via San Bruno Avenue and Alemany Island to McLaren Park. The afternoon was  filled with artist made and artist led games, special prizes, delicious snacks and music. We stopped in McLaren Park’s greatest vistas–artists on board pointed out sites where great art happens and and described their projects to us. La Famila Peña-Govea played their signature Latin music to accompany us. Thanks to Game Mistress Cynthia Vazquez and everyone who contributed.
All photos by Sibila Savage (except the first one).
20150919_151541 (800x587)  All Aboard
05-Moving_Art_House-5pt5MileBus_9-2015sml  06-Moving_Art_House-5pt5MileBus_9-2015sml
 11-Moving_Art_House-5pt5MileBus_9-2015sml  Kate and Oscar at the end of the road